About Us

Saahas denotes courage

Our Vision

A society where every woman and child leads a life of dignity, self-reliance and equality

Our Mission

To enable every woman who belongs to the impoverished section of the society with certain tools and techniques and to build up her courage that she has no longer to be dependent on others to sustain a healthy and respectable life.

Our Focus to change

Female Foeticide, Dowry, domestic Violence, child Marriage, Untouchability, Illiteracy, Fights against racism.

Who we are and why we’re dedicated

Hamara Saahas Trust was founded 2014 by Tamanna Bhati. T. B studied Fashion design, Sociology and Sanskrit. She also has a teacher’s diploma. She has been working during and after the study in different NGOs.

By observation, but also through her own experience she has gone through, that women and girls in this society live mostly in the shadow of the men. They don’t receive proper help, especially when they need urgent support. When women get married, they live with the family of the husband. This can be sometimes very difficult. Physical or psychological terror from family members are common. In certains families the daughter in law is more like a servant, than a member of the family. In addition, a woman who gives birth at the first time to a babygirl is not always accepted by the family and she has to undergo pressure for a male child.

Sometimes they get even outcasted and are standing without help and no job on the street. If they are lucky, their husbands take care, otherwise with no job education and no opportunities they have no option. Their own parents are not allowed, or only sparsely to help. Otherwise they are outcasted off the society.

Even in the original family, they undergo violence sometimes. Nowadays it’s quite expensive to have girls, because the parents have to pay a big dowry. So family have to make debts. Sometimes the pregnant woman is forced to get an abortion, when it’s a baby girl. Or when they are born, they don’t get an education, or just for a few years and then have to leave.

What we do

We provide short-term vocational courses to women free of cost in sewing, embroidery and other handicraft items.

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