What we do

We provide short-term free of cost vocational courses in sewing, embroidery, and other handicraft items as well as henna painting to women from underprivileged backgrounds in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This enables them to become self-sustainable and to lead a life of respect and dignity.

We provide assistance and tutoring to our participants’ children for free, and sponsor some of their education particularly if they cannot afford school fees. So while the mothers are learning and working, their children’s studies aren’t affected. We insist that all children, particularly girls, attend school

In one of our centres, our participants also learn how to produce sanitary pads. These are either sold at affordable price, or distributed for free to the poorest women in the community. The money earned is used to by raw materials to produce more pads. We deliver awareness-raising campaigns on menstrual health and hygiene around Jodhpur and in rural areas nearby.

Our challenges

We work with and for women and girls who face social bias and prejudice simply because they are female.

Some of them have been subject to brutal domestic violence (physical or psychological) by their husbands or his family, apathy of their own family, and little girls being physically and mentally violated. Women we work with face social injustice every day. They are shamed for standing up for themselves. But we are there to support them along the way and give them strength to find their courage to persevere and change how women are seen in the society.