Volunteers assist the girls and womens with their education, by taking extracurricular lessons, assisting with homework and helping with general education on life skills. They help girls and women in different handycraftworks, dancing classes and so on. As a volunteer you can also help in administration and to design new projects.

As a volunteer, you can bring educational equipment like pens, pencils, books and other learning and materials with you which would help you in teaching in a play way method and in informal education activities. Please ask in advance, what’s needed the most.


As long as you want
But for the project it’s the best, if you stay at least for one to two months.


The kind of Visa, depending your stay and your country. Former volunteers and Tamanna Bhati  will give you advice, finding the best one for you.


You will live in a family, organized by Hamara Saahas. In a familiy you live the real life of India. An other way of stay is also possible. Sometimes a mix of way of living could be the best for you as well. As we are a small grass-root NGO, the costs of the stay are paid by yourself (for western countries it’s a small amount).

A day in the life of a volunteer

As a volunteer in this project you live in a indian Family or, if you wish different, a guesthouse could be organized. Every day after Breakfast you leave for your placement by your choice of transport – by foot, bus, or car rickshaw. All placements are around 5 – 40 minutes away by public transport from our accommodations. You will usually start work around 10:30 AM and go on for 4-5 hours depending on the amount of work on a particular day. Lunch can be taken either in the family, or organized somewhere else. After work, you can go around and explore the city or stay in your home. The arranged accommodations  can also have Wi-Fi. You can spent the weekend on your own, working on the project or be with your host family.