Donation from India

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Owner     Tamanna Bhati
A/no        187101000003906
ifs code    IOBA 0001871
Indian Overseas bank, Bombay Motor circle branch (1871), show room no3 ranweer bhawan 9th chopasni road, jodhpur 342001

Crowdfunding for Health-workshops and material for the new center

To improve their chance  for work and dignity – we need education and Material as
– Sewingmachine
– Laptop
– Schoolbooks
– Whitewall
To improve their health and security for girls and women – we need
– workshops for awarenesstraining  in health and against abuse
– free / or at least affordable disposable sanitary pads for the poorest

The Crowdfunding Platform was founded by Roland Jeannert, the former head of “Glückskette”, to give people the chance to collect easy money for a better world.

This Crowdfunding-Project is initiated by Regula Kaeser, a former volunteer
and will start 3.11.17-23.12.17

Support schoolchildren

The admission fee for a girl is 15‘000  INR / 235 Dollar;  a set of schoolbooks cost

INR 1400 / 25 Dollar

Donation for a professional teacher (salary of one year)

You can see more details and donate ; whichever amount you like

Support women

In India many women don’t even afford disposable sanitary towels

An annual stock of sanitary towels cost about INR 864.–

Privat tuition for a woman INR 7‘200