Hamara Saahas supports and involves women by counselling and by finding a way to survive, for example by

  • improving their education
  • empowering and training their ability in handicraft 
  • Strenghten their selfconfidence
  • Financial support for girls-School fees
  • to give them a wage for their work done in Hamara Saahas

Girls often don’t attend the school or only for a short period. When they have not been educated, they can hardly defend themselves nor find a job. So girls and women learn in Hamara Saahas English and Maths and are learning sewing and embroidery too and last but not least social skills and self empowerment.

We  produce lovely home made items for private and shops:  dolls, animals, decorations, cushions, bags, dresses; they also make jewellery from different kinds of material and different cards and diaries.

To practice and show our skills we meet people from all over the world, we call it:  MEET LOCALS , LEARN AND LAUGH TOGETHER. So we can build brigdes between the different cultures.

Local Women give workshops for Individuals and small groups. 

Cooking Classes

The typical Rajasthani home made Food and drink  you will learn to prepare and taste

Yewellery Workshop

Colorful bangles and earrings – you only see in India.
You create your own souvenir.


Henna Workshop

The scent you’ll never forget  – . try it out – and let’s do one for you





Who:             Individuals or groups

Cost:            1500- 2500 INR /  Depending the number of participants, duration, material

Duration:      3 – 5 h

For Details:   phone or mail us.